C3 Comprehensive Cranium Care®

Own your

Bald, shaved or buzzed by choice or by chance. You need products that care for your whole head. Scalp, face, and beard (if you have one).

C3 applies cutting edge science to deliver a groundbreaking suite of grooming and personal care products for the sophisticated scalp.

That's why we say Own Your Dome®



Purpose-built to clean your head, face, and neck like nothing else can. C3 Head Wash is a radical departure from shampoo and soap that will blow your mind.
Dump the goop. Embrace the foam.

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by design.

Developed alongside the skin care geniuses at Adaptive Cosmetic Technologies, C3 personal care products aren't just some reconstituted detergent or relabeled formulation with a fancy name. 

Every product is purpose-built, designed to care for your head like nothing else can.

No extraneous ingredients. No marketing nonsense. Just good, solid science.


Our Movement

We believe bald heads are beautiful. Whether you've inherited genes from an ancestor, you're fighting the fight of your life or you just choose to shave off that high maintenance mop, you're one of us.

There's an entire personal care industry rigged to make you feel self-conscious and sell you snake oil. We're doing something different. We're designing for you.

Whole aisles of mega pharmacies are lined with grooming and hair care products, but until now there has been nothing for us.

We are committed to celebrating clean craniums, highlighting healthy heads, protecting pristine pates and nourishing natural noggins.



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Let's put our heads together!

A lot of us are bald or buzzed. It’s time we made it a movement. 

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